Do You Have Such Thoughts Too?


Sometimes, we wish we could be this one or that one while, at the same time, some other one is having the same wishes about my life. We look forward to being rich, fulfilling our dreams and being happy with our beloved ones. However, somewhere out there, there are people who dream of the sun to just rise and looking forward to eating before sleeping, while others aim to a peaceful night for their families with no shots or blood. Our priorities look very precious and important to us all, but it varies actually!

Happiness and gratefulness thoughts


It is not bad to aim for the stars, but the awful thing is denying the blessing we have on Earth and ignoring the luxury we enjoy of being alive without ventilators and having the chance to eat and drink with no fear or insecurities as much as possible. We have to be thankful for what we have and first for who we are.

Being grateful is part of the process. We thank God for His blesses and enjoy having them. Enjoy breathing fresh air and walking and running without limits. Only then, much more abundance will be waiting for us! Looking at myself in the inner mirror of mine, with all my defects whatever they are and my shortcomings, I look gorgeous because I know I am blessed and I feel thankful for everything! People who have hardships, which go in their way, know that much, that happiness won't last, neither nor sadness. So, why torture yourself? Just enjoy the small thrilling thoughts whispering in your head that you are the best and gain your own confidence. Then, so what? What cannot I do? Nothing won't dare to stand in my way. It's not overflowing confidence but much more of faith in God and in life.

I have such thoughts from time to time and when I catch up on them I try to stick to my positivity as much as I can. I tend to be very confident walking through my journey even if it is all dull and not promising. Yet with time, I see the progress myself. Don't you have such thoughts too!

How Well We Rise After Falling

This quote is one of my favorites. What defines us is our strength and perseverance and never being defeated by the urge to give up hope. Giving up is like a blocking rock on the way of our goals. I wanted to start my first post with positive thoughts and motivational ideas. I hope I can be of help! When we get trapped in a closed circle of our daily routine and troubles, we tend to look for a breather. Sometimes issues becomes overwhelming that we fail to find away to be fine again. Yes, It happens with most of us.

Many people use to think through the two colors of white and black only. They cannot enjoy happy times unless they are filled with absolute happiness and likewise the hard times, they live the sadness until their hearts explode of aching, so that no one can give them the complete comfort because the rules of life have no absolutes. Reading and learning about success and motivation and how to suppress sadness and lead a happy life can be somehow helpful but it still cannot change characters easily.

Believe you can then you will

There is that hint for solving this riddle. It’s about you, yes like people say the only one who can help you is you. And like everyone else, the inner soul has complications and problems that one may not even be aware of. You ought to start looking deep inside, search for the reasons of your happiness and simplify every details of your life to match well with those reasons. Start exploring the best times of your life and numerate the reasons of your joy and the causes of your distress. Consequently, the big puzzle about understanding yourself will be settled and for that many things will be fixed eventually.

Motivational thoughts and beliefs

Believe it is simple and just think of being happy

Everyone has his own beliefs that make him strong. For me as a Muslim, I believe in God and everything about my religion. This is actually my very firm strength. It’s my compass in the deserted roads of the journey to success and a good life. Life has a special way of making one think that he is worthless at the times of despair. People can make one be suffocated to death when things get wrong that they start to blunder then hate, cheat and even kill the good memories. The good things that exist may come to cease when life gets complicated and problems arise everywhere. At such times, beliefs become the helping hands that pull the soul out of such chaos.

The feeling of being pulled out to the top again after trying the taste of drowning is one of the best things about life. When I recall that I survived, I start to see the light in every trouble comes into my way.

Kindness and helping others

Be the ears and the eyes of someone and your life changes

That scene of the movie when someone is trapped in a complicated dilemma and we know the whole story. That moment when we feel their desperation, become so sad and wish for that imaginary superman to appear and help as soon as possible. And we start to empathize with that person, shedding tears and finally getting better after everything is resolved. You know what! It’s comfort and happiness that fill our hearts as if it was a real situation. Yes, we feel happy because someone we don’t know got help. That is because we know what it is to be helpless and weak and also because we know the whole story of that person and we put ourselves in his shoes. We are naturally kindhearted creatures.

When I help people, I become so pleased and proud of myself. The looks in their eyes that say we are saved and the thankful feelings we sense are really worthless. When our hearts become hardened, one of the best things to do is to help others. The pleasure and satisfaction of them would become the remedy of our stiff hearts.

Memories with our people

Be their lover and let them be your life

Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and people we meet every day make one of the best life’s joy. You live to meet Someone and part with another one, to make memories that last forever and to get old holding onto those memories like treasures. people get closer until they are attached then further that they think they weren’t once closer and closer again until they cannot live without each other and then further again. They leave scars in each others’ hearts that only need their existence together to be mended and so on. Being alive is to miss someone, to wait for someone who can give you a good time and to be happy just having dinner and a simple chat with a person who makes you smile. The feeling of pleasure and pain from having them in your life is what making our hearts healthy.

Because of that, I advise you to force yourself out of the shell of introversion when you are badly distressed. Start the conversations you don’t want to and give the smile even if your lips won’t help in order to get closer to people and in the end leave the rest up to them. They may change you to be better or may force you into new people who are destined to be the gift of the hard times.

Finally, we all try hard to survive and do our best to have a great life. You need a healthy heart and a clever mind. For that, try to befriend your soul and don’t let it be badly hurt. It won’t be smooth all the time, so don’t be sad for so long and stay healthy as much as you can. You have inner power more than you imagine. You can do much more than you believe. Start working on yourself, it’s never too late for anything as long as you are alive and breathing. Never give up hope! The more you treasure yourself, the much more appreciation it receives from the others.

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