My Persistence


Some things can only happen when we are persistent enough to let them happen. Just like sincerity can move mountainspersistence can make miracles happen. Sometimes, I feel that certain things can only be seen if I become more patient and never give up easily. I did it once, I persisted in doing that one thing, it was nearly impossible to be done, yet I never gave up. I have failed times and times, but it was something inevitably needed maybe that's why I could not let go easily until it occurred. That was the one time I remember clearly that my persistence and first of all that God has allowed it to happen. I wonder if all things I dream of would be placed before my eyes if I had enough determination and perseverance to allow them to take place? Am I not doing my very best and instead, making enough excuses for myself that I tend to move on quickly and then give up? What if I persist on this one big dream again? What if I never give up until it comes true even if it takes much time?


A content writer and a pharmacist. I find my motivation in inspiring people. I write about the good vibes of life, motivation, and self-improvement.

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