Let Me Handle My Stress It Is Alright

let me handle my stress

It is part of our daily life to get stressed over this and that. It varies from someone to another according to their circumstances and characters. It is how we handle stress and how we deal with it that makes the variability. A study was conducted to evaluate stress among people who were put under different stress types. The purpose of that study was not to know how stress can be harmful to health as it's already known. We all know that stress can instigate illness of the human body starting from common cold until the cardiovascular disorders.
Many studies were carried out to estimate the percentage of people's death related to stress. However, this one was about people's perspectives of stress and how they see stress in their lives. Whether they can see that their response to stress is helpful or harmful. For those who believed it was helpful, it was found that their bodies responded to stress differently. They were healthier and their life spans were longer, they lived well. It was similar to how we get worked up in response to joy and courage.
We all realize that many people can die from severe stress or chronic stress complications. However, believing that stress is harmful was proved to have even a more negative impact on health. Stress is a normal response to stressful events like exams or job interviews or facing some sort of embarrassment. It is normal to feel some fear, worries, sweating and our hearts will have to beat faster too. The brain, the heart, and the muscles are doing their best to react according to the situations they face. If we think a little about it, it would be weird if they react with nothing, right?
After I have read about that study, I think I can handle my stress. I decided to think differently and positively about stress. When I feel the symptoms of stress again, I would be thinking that my body is helping me out not stressing me out. If I see the stress that way, I believe that my body will respond according to my beliefs and will be healthier accordingly.


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  1. Your post is very enlightening.I feel there are times when we stress about being stressed! Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

  2. Yes, you are right. I experience such feelings at times too.
    Thanks for your comment. 😊


    1. Thanks a lot! 😊

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