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It Is Not Like You May Think

do not fear

It's not like what's imagined, it's not like you may think. It is not simple either. It's a mystery, like a pandora box. You have to open it to see the unknown, how much fear you will feel and how much effort you will need to survive. The decision you are delaying and the step you are not moving forward to! Let me tell you, no matter how hard it will be, nothing will appear until you go there. If you are closing your eyes fearing that the monster that may be waiting there, then make sure to close your eyes until you die because you always will be at the same spot. And then, I can guarantee that your fear will be much bigger and the monster will even be stronger.

Open your eyes and just enter that dark territory before it is too late. The huge fear will only last for seconds and once your eyes adapt the darkness, your mind will be able to defeat the frightening monster because your heart is feeling safe. It's not simple or hard, it's just challenging as you will need to gather your courage to defeat the little kid inside you who feels insecure. It is your decision and it is always better to be now than then.


A content writer and a pharmacist. I find my motivation in inspiring people. I write about the good vibes of life, motivation, and self-improvement.

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  1. Beautiful πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ€—

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  3. yes we need to face our fears in order to conquer them …. they are usually inwarranted!

    Nice to meet you πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, that’s it…
    It’s my pleasure. Nice to meet you too!

  5. Perfectly phrased

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  6. Very well written! Without conquering our fears we cannot advance on our paths! We cannot move to the next stage of our existence. I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Yes, we cannot move to the next stage! Thank you for your words!

      1. Thank you for your post!

        1. You’re welcome!

  7. Very true! Great post!

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  8. Always good to be reminded. Thanks for the follow.

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