My Persistence

Some things can only happen when we are persistent enough to let them happen. Just like sincerity can move mountainspersistence can make miracles happen. Sometimes, I feel that certain things can only be seen if I become more patient and never give up easily.

10 Most Amazing Places In The World To Visit

The amazing world we live in and the vast universe we belong to have the wonders we ought to look for and recognize. The pretty of mountains, lakes, parks and the amazing nature call for our attention to getting our minds and hearts the remedy we seek to overcome our life stress and struggles. Here are ten places of beautiful nature that will take your breath away.

Do something that you love every day

When you do something you love once a day, you will find the patience to endure any hardship that faces you with a light heart. It will bring out the best of you which will reflect positively on your purposes and goals.

Until you allow it to happen, nothing will happen

And at one moment, just in a blink of eyes, things change. The far away dreams will be the unbelievable reality and the word impossible will surprisingly be possible.

Do You Have Such Thoughts Too?

Sometimes, we wish we could be this one or that one while, at the same time, some other one is having the same wishes about my life. We look forward to being rich, fulfilling our dreams and being happy with our beloved ones.

What is happiness?

Being happy is such a great feeling. We all live our lives craving for its existence and trying our best for it to be continuous in every event of life.

Six Quotes Of Rumi About Life

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

It's Never Been Too Late

It was never late to do anything before, now and in the future. The fact that I am living till now means that I still have unfinished business in this life. It also means that hope is still by my side.

How Well We Rise After Falling

This quote is one of my favorites. What defines us is our strength and perseverance and never being defeated by the urge to give up hope. Giving up is like a blocking rock on the way of our goals.

Quote Of The Day

A very good way to stay Positive is to read Quotes about Motivation, Inspiration, Hope, and Success. One Quote every day for you to share with your friends and spread the positive vibes.

The Author

I have made this site to share with you positive vibes and thoughts about life. I believe in hope. I believe that everything in life is temporary whether it is good or bad.

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